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With years of industry experience helping businesses in many different markets as a freelance SEO consultant, I’ve aided many companies in improving traffic and coordinating and increasing sales through their websites. I can offer my experience and expertise in this arena to help your business reach its potential too.

I provide detailed SEO help for businesses, recognising and researching the best keywords for optimised search engine hits and indexing. My SEO training has come organically through my freelance career in the SEO industry, and it can help you improve your web domain with a new marketing strategy or marketing campaign focused on improving your SEO strategy.

As a leading freelance SEO, I can help your website improve both its ranking and investment return, by garnering better presence in major online searches and improving your online know-how. With a range of consultancy services, I provide a one-stop-shop which includes marketing consultant and SEO consultant work.

Many of my clients have switched to my services after using an SEO agency, finding my work as an SEO freelancer far more effective and personalised. You can make the right choice as a business owner too, by using my consultant and marketing service as a freelancer, to make your business more visible and profitable in the long-run.

Why is SEO Necessary?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing; it helps optimise site and search engine presence through Google, among other engines, and it helps build a steady, reliable audience. It is something your business can do without, and my service works to optimise your presence online with a high-quality SEO service, to make sure you get off to the right start.

Although optimising your website may seem daunting, I make this process simple, effective and painless. I know what works best for each client, assessing their online SEO marketing needs.

SEO Marketing

I’ve worked with a variety of different industries. Despite their many, many differences, they all require internet marketing to improve their traffic, site speed and message. By looking at each client’s individual demands, my SEO consultancy will improve the building blocks of your domain in a holistic and organic way, bringing together consultants and developers to make a web page optimised for hits.

Marketing is what I am all about, and a good marketing strategy is most important for new or existing companies, no matter the size. As such, the best initial marketing strategy for your website or company is a serious SEO campaign.

How to Begin an SEO campaign

There are many factors that an engine utilises when returning links and ranking websites. Your website must comply with all of these ways of indexing, reading and understanding search referrals. When creating an SEO campaign for the first time, this is the first port of call. As such, we begin by looking at designing your web page as if it were the blueprints of a building.

A search engine uses many aspects of your website to determine how to list and link your pages, and to determine what your site is actually about. If a website is too difficult to ascertain through simply algorithms and seach readings, it becomes difficult to improve traffic and becomed convoluted.

To begin, we first need to go back to basics and improve the bedrock of your website, its SEO DNA, to improve results online and make sure your site can be easily read and ranked by search engines. This is done by producing technical SEO to improve your presence and search marketing in the most effective way.

Technical SEO

This is how we index your business so that it is compatible with major search engines and search consolealgorithms, ranking and indexing the best key-phrases and searches for your site. By choosing an expert SEO service, you’ll be covered with engine optimization, advanced SEO strategy and SEO audit work.

SEO Audit Work

By examining your website as a doctor treats a patient, your website will be thoroughly looked over for necessary improvements. As a business owner, you want to make sure that you remain visible and on-point; my SEO auditwill make sure your business is fully optimised.

Pivotal to a technical audit is keyword research highlighting the best search results for improved traffic. By undergoing an audit with my freelance consultancy, your business will better understand what is missing and needed to improve your internet marketing.

For new websites, it’s best to start with the building blocks of link building. My SEO specialist service will help your site appear prominently in a Google search through indexing, to make your site more visible through linkbuilding services.

Link Building

After a strong audit and SEO strategy, you can then begin to build trustworthy links from external sources. My freelance SEO work helps you build a reputation online by sourcing links which direct traffic to your businessfrom relevant and reliable sources. This can be time-consuming, but it is one of the most important processes of establishing a successful site.

SEO services can drive high-quality referrals to your site by focusing on well-written and engaging online content. Content geared toward your target market encourages online shares. As a marketing specialist and marketing expert, it is crucial to grow trust via relevant link building, to help improve your rank and audience.

You will be encouraged to make engaging content, to frequently post online and build a reputation with renowned online content providers. This is the key to successful link building and backlinking.

Expanding internationally

A strong SEO audit can improve your visibility internationally, by expanding your online presence in numerous markets. If you want to tap into and expand into new territories, it is vital that your business is optimised through an international SEO project.

To start, I look at your site’s structure to localise SEO content for your intended market. This makes your businessfar more likely to succeed.

Thinking Locally

Although my marketing services will improve your international presence, it is important to think locally too. By navigating your local traffic as a business, we can target your local audience more effectively. Local visibility leads to more immediate engine results.

Learning SEO

You won’t just receive quality work with my SEO consulting and SEO marketing services, you’ll receive something far more vital as an SEO client: training. By taking responsibility for your own links and keyword building via my guiding hand, I help you become an SEO expert and effective SEO business.

This new prowess will help you grow your internet traffic and sales organically. By giving you — the business owner — insight into the skills needed to navigate search engines and attract people, you can run an effective in-house SEO campaign.

Choosing the Right SEO Consultants

My years of SEO experience as a freelance consultant have built a reputation for perfection which covers all aspects of SEO work. From content marketing to index building, I cover all aspects of the SEO tool book, produced uniquely on a freelance basis rather than with a SEO company.

This offers you a more personalised experience with deep market research, healthy indexing and efficient link building. My SEO freelance work offers a detailed overview of your site’s requirements and potential weaknesses.

Working with you, I help you identify the best way to:

  • Get your web pages ranked with profitable keywords for optimal search results
  • Build a professional and reputable online presence with link building
  • Increase your site’s traffic by identifying your market and audience

If you want to succeed through a detailed, thorough and expert technical service, get in touch to take your websitefurther. I am an SEO professional waiting for your e-mail.

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