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What You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Cambridge)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that increases the ranking of a website in the search-engine results, which leads to an increase in revenue and site traffic.

There are several ways you as a website owner is able to improve your rankings and SEO Cambridge based company, G5 Media has the experience and knowledge in how to select the methods which will work best when it comes to your unique business.

We have experience in writing copy, getting your site press coverage, building links, running your PPC campaigns, designing and building your website, techniques to optimise the site for top rankings in google, along with anything else that the site needs to increase your overall bottom line.

How To Incorporate SEO Into Your Local Marketing

A few of the most vital techniques our team makes use of to optimise the local businesses are inclusive of:

We position your companies NAP in a consistent manner throughout your website, which is what makes the business a lot more visible when it comes to the different search engines. The citations are what ensure the NAP is uniformly listed all over the Internet, in the very same way that it appears on your website.

We specialise in the creation of business listing which appears on directory site like Foursquare, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, SuperPages, along with a lot more which allows people the opportunity to leave a review along with offering potential customers with an insight or snapshot about your business.

Verifying, editing and managing information about your business on Google might seem like a daunting task. Our team of experts works with Google My Business to make sure all your listing has been customised with a description and photo, with an accurate categorisation and minimising duplicate or confusing listings.

The Google ad extensions happen to be a fantastic way to offer your potential customers with additional information on your company. These ads also encourage Internet users to visit the site and they increase the authority of your brand. Through these extensions, the search returns are able to list your location, reviews and phone number. We incorporate these types of extensions seamlessly, which lowers your bounce rates.

News coverage that is local provides targeted opportunities when it comes to link building. In the past, we have used HARO which is a very powerful resource that connects businesses and journalists to each other. This offers knowledge about your industry to verified news sources that will guarantee that the readers are redirected to your website.

Tailored And Custom To Your Needs

There are an array of strategies which bring together these methods when it comes to improving the ranking of a website and click-through rates (CTR). With our experience and insight into a variety of best practices along with years of knowledgeable experience, SEO Cambridge based Digital Marketing Agency, G5 Media will assist you in growing business within your community.

Our Local Based Marketing Strategies

Over and above the SEO strategies that we currently use, we also have specific techniques to increase sales and traffic for localised businesses.


We use programs which analyse which of the keywords will work the best within your local area using trend reports and search volumes. We make sure the site is easy to navigate and user-friendly with a focus on an enjoyable experience for users.

Responsive Design

A design that is responsive forms an essential part of how we build sites and it will integrate your website with all devices as well as impact usability, which is important for mobile phones. Due to the fact that most of the localised searches are derived from users that use their phones, it is important that your website is able to load easily and quickly and that it can be navigated for the consumers on all platforms.

Optimised Content

Your website should be able to answer the question that is most important that a visitor will have. This will include where you are located, your operating hours and the services or products that you offer. As an established SEO Cambridge agency we conduct keyword research that is extensive that is optimised for your region or your city.

Schema Markup

Schema is the code that you are able to implement that assist the search engines in returning more relevant and informative results for the users. The Schema markups are what tell Google what the data means opposed to just what the data is. We are experts in the implantation of the schema markups, which ensure that searchers are able to see the purpose of the website on the SERPs.

Local Events Coverage

Our SEO Cambridge experts suggest that you take full advantage of all opportunities when it comes to exposure because it requires that you remain engaged and active in your community. The local events offer an excellent opportunity to offer more insight for possible branding opportunities and keywords, along with feedback from customers, and we ensure that we reference them.

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